Zone 1 (U11-U12)


The Zone 1 Representative Program is a competitive experience for players born in 2013 or 2014 that requires players to be evaluated for team placement and provides a higher level of competition and commitment than our Recreational Program. Teams at these age groups begin to travel out of state for league and tournament games. 

    • 10 month program

    • Training twice a week

    • Included optional technical training once per week with local college players & coaches

    • Specialized training for goalkeepers

    • Winter indoor training once a week (outdoor training weather permitting)

    • 6-8 league games per fall and spring seasons

    • Multi-day tournaments for each team and age group

    • Set Style of Play Handbook designed by Technical Director and Direct of Coaching


2024-2025 Zone 1 Program

Tryout Information

Boys & Girls with 2013 - 2014 Birth Years



Winning games will be a product of developing players over a long period of time. Learning how to win is part of development, but the individual player actions and team principles will be key to allow for successful results later in the pathway.

  • Create a player-centered environment, putting players into game-like situations to learn from experiences.

  • Continue to develop the individual player within a team setting.

  • Instill passion for the game within our players through the energy and enthusiasm of our coaches.

  • Build opportunities for our players to advance their life skills within our community. 

  • Teach individual player actions and key team principles, within our desired Delaware Union Style of Play.

  • Position players in a training and game environment where they will experience a balance of challenge and success.

  • Provide players the opportunity to move up and down a level or age within our club, to give them the appropriate challenge or success, to aid in their individual development when needed.

  • During this section of our long-term pathway, players will physically develop at different rates, we take this into consideration and will provide opportunities for players to train with others who are a physical match up, in order to increase their soccer and physical development.

  • Deliver weekly themes, in line with the club’s tactical periodization plan and curriculum set by the Technical Director.

  • Set game day objectives, based on the weekly theme, for players and teams to focus on.

  • Player Positions:

    • U11-U12 (9v9): Players will still be rotated within positions to increase overall game understanding and ensure players receive game day playing opportunities. We begin to identify specific ‘key positional qualities’ in players.