Rec Uniforms

CLICK HERE to order the Rec 2022-2023 Uniforms

Equipment and Uniforms

Uniforms this year are Orange and Black. Players that have the Orange and Navy from previous years will be able to continue to wear them.
U3 - U6 (Discovery Program) Players do not need to purchase a uniform for the season.

ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR SHIN GUARDS. NO EXCEPTIONS. NO EARRINGS CAN BE WORN AT ANY TIME EVEN IF THEY ARE TAPED OR COVERED. No watches, necklaces, or jewelry may be worn. On cold or rainy days, no hooded sweatshirts or jackets may be worn. In the past we have allowed this, but in trying to reduce the possibility of injury, players may no longer wear any articles of clothing with a hood while on the playing field. Note that the cleats spikes must be plastic and CANNOT have a front spike.