Juniors Program


The Juniors Program (JP) is an inclusive environment aimed at providing a platform for our U9 and U10 Boys and Girls (7v7) who are looking for more than recreational soccer. In an aim to provide an atmosphere that is player-centered, allowing players to grow their technical and tactical skills, we feel that we can provide a fantastic experience for each and every soccer player looking for more at this pivotal age in their soccer careers. The JP prepares players to progress at the Representative Program and beyond through a dedicated coaching staff that provides quality, and age appropriate instruction at these key age groups. At these age groups our focus is on players playing local competition on a weekly basis and playing in local tournaments to minimize travel for families.


2023-2024 Juniors Program


Boys & Girls with 2014 - 2016 Birth Years




The Juniors Program is designed for all players who have the desire, talent and ambition for the Delaware Union Competitive and Representative programs. By having an inclusive, well-balanced environment, we feel that the players are being prepared for the future steps of their soccer careers. 


Every training session is designed around the following principles: 

Player centric: In all that we do, the individual players growth is our primary emphasis

Comfort with the ball: We want each player to feel comfortable with the ball at their feet whether they are dribbling, making a pass or finishing. Our goal is to have them comfortable with each aspect

Enjoyment: We want soccer to remain a fun activity despite learning aspect that may be difficult and foreign to them. Enjoying and keeping the love for the game is essential for player development. 

Confidence: Instilling confidence in each player through positive reinforcement and motivation so that they are eager to learn and confident when they are on the field. 

Teamwork: Understanding the team aspect of soccer is focused on through training every player at different positions and moving players around through the player pool to play with all members of the team.

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