Illuminate the Future: Kicks for a Cause DoMore24 Campaign

Greetings, Soccer Enthusiasts and Supporters of Delaware Union!

We are thrilled to bring you exciting news that transcends the boundaries of our soccer fields. Delaware Union Soccer Club is launching the "Kicks for a Cause" initiative as part of the DoMore24 Campaign, happening from March 7th to March 8th. Our goal? To raise funds for new field lights that will transform the way we play, practice, and come together as a community.

Why New Lights?

Picture this: vibrant nights under the glow of brand-new lights, extending the playing time, providing more opportunities for Recreational and Representative practices, and creating a thrilling atmosphere for games. The Kicks for a Cause campaign aims to enhance our soccer experience, making it brighter, more inclusive, and more accessible for everyone.

How Can You Get Involved?

It's simple! Join us during the DoMore24 Campaign by contributing to the Kicks for a Cause initiative. Your support matters more than ever as we strive to achieve our fundraising goal. Every dollar raised during this campaign brings us closer to illuminating our fields and creating lasting memories for our soccer community.

Be a Champion - Become a Fundraiser!

Are you passionate about the beautiful game and eager to make a difference? Become a Kicks for a Cause fundraiser! Encourage your friends, family, and fellow soccer enthusiasts to contribute to this game-changing initiative. As a token of appreciation, we're offering a 50% reduction in tuition for every dollar you raise. Start your fundraiser today, click HERE

Spread the Word - Light Up the Night!

Help us spread the word far and wide! Share our Kicks for a Cause DoMore24 Campaign across social media, emails, and conversations. Let's rally together to make a substantial impact on our soccer community.

Stay Tuned for Updates!

As the DoMore24 Campaign approaches, stay tuned for exciting updates, testimonials, and stories of how the Kicks for a Cause initiative is shaping the future of Delaware Union Soccer Club. Together, let's illuminate the path for a brighter, more vibrant soccer experience.

Mark your calendars - March 7th to March 8th. It's not just a fundraiser; it's a movement to light up our soccer world! Join us in making Kicks for a Cause a resounding success!


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